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Brian Wentzel

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

​Born into the largest bust of organized crime in US history, Brian was born into the true story that the movie Casino is about.


By 17 years old he was hanging out with gangs and just beginning his journey on "getting a PhD" in hood culture, living in the drug corridor where El Chapo's Sinaloan Cartel was trafficking in upwards of 80% of all the drugs flowing into the United States. 

Straddling between the two worlds of hood culture and finding himself spiritually, he developed a hip hop clothing brand called Guru Gear at the age of 19.


Several years later, after a series of traumatic events happened leading up to and around the time of 9/11, he would eventually go on to leave that life behind him and go on a vision quest facing all of his fears at once, his greatest one being the clash of civilizations between the Islamic world and Western Civilization. 

He documented this journey while shooting the film 30 Nights of Islam. 

After shooting 30 Nights of Islam he developed the brand Gone Green who's mission was to: create social, economic, and environmental solutions for all people worldwide. This mission would grow to include the United Nations of Hip Hop.

As a self identified Libertarian/Classical Liberal (which in todays terms translates into a modern day Libertarian Republican), Brian brings a completely fresh and different perspective to hip hop culture. On his podcast, The REAL Spiritual Gangsters, Brian seeks to bring divided people together while exploring the issues facing not only the culture, but really all of us. 


Race, politics, and religion are the focus of conversation with all of the different influencers from the culture: athletes, fashion designers, rappers, producers, content creators, media moguls, politicians, and spiritual teachers.


Dewry Bradford

Chief Branding Officer & Co-Founder


In 1999, Dewry L. Bradford set out to pursue a career in fashion.  After attending the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York City, he officially launched his career in fashion.  His very first collection was for the famed music group Wu-Tang which he created and developed their brand “Wu-Wear” with then creative designer, Kevin Leong.  From there, he created and designed collections for various celebrities such as Outkast, J-Lo, Nelson Mandela, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jay-Z, Fabolous, Michael Vick, Richie Rich, Vinnie from Naughty by Nature and Russell Simmons. 

Mr. Bradford enjoyed years of success in lifestyle-outerwear as Creative Director of Sean John, Ecko International, Steve Madden and Phat Farm. In 2005, after head designing for a number of brands, Mr. Bradford launched ASQUI LLC that became the force behind many of the ready to wear collections today.  Quickly making a favorable stamp in the Fashion Industry as an expert Outerwear and Leather Designer, Dewry set his sights on the Athletic aspect of the Fashion Industry.  He acquired deals with conglomerates such as Americo/Highlife to manage the K1X, And-1, Protégé’ and Michael Vick brands.  Underneath the Pirigi Group, he designed for Puma Kids.  Mr. Bradford was notably chosen in 2012 to present a collection of new directional designs to Brand Jordan’s executive team in Portland, Oregon.  

Under the ASQUI LLC umbrella, which later became ASQUI Ventures, Mr. Bradford cultivated many brands and launched new collections annually. He repurposed his knowledge, skills and relationships to manage celebrities from a branding aspect.  Mr. Bradford’s past clients include Marvel – The Avengers, UFC, Alice + Olivia, Heatherette, Popluxe and BET’s 106&Park just to name a few.  During Mr. Bradford’s time as head designer of Sean John, Sean “Diddy” Combs received the CFDA Men’s designer of the year award for his Sean John Collection.

As a visionary and creative, Mr. Bradford, established strageic partnerships to produce CBD-based products with Diezzel Don aka Chef Chardon for their new brand "HempStar".  While getting into health & sports, he then launched a festival called HealthJox Festival in 2018 which he later formed his non-profit: HealthJox Foundation, Inc. in July 2020.  

As he continued with Community-based events, there became a pressing need to expose the pandemic of mental health dysfunctions in the Community.  Underneath the umbrella of HealthJox, along with NYC Fashion Designer, Phil Harris, he partnered with the Brooklyn Borough President and the PSAL High School Basketball Commissioner to produce a Virtual Festival during the Coronavirus Pandemic along with a virtual panel to discuss and share solutions surrounding mental health issues.

Now, that there is an extreme urgency in America to expose the injustices that have plagued the inner-cities, he's joined Brian Wentzel in a quest to reclaim Hip Hop as a force to be reckoned with through 3-new platforms:  "The Real Spiritual Gangsters", "Hip Hop Vote" and "The United Nations of Hip Hop".


Godfather Pt. 3

Chief Gangster In Charge

Godfather Pt.3 is a member of the Queensbridge rap group Infamous Mobb. Infamous Mobb is intimately affiliated with the platinum selling duo Mobb Deep and is the inner circle crew that group up with Havoc and Prodigy and toured the world with them through Mobb Deep's rise to super stardom in the mid 1990's. 

Godfather wrote the chorus and appeared on the track "Thug Muzik" on Mobb Deep's double platinum selling album Murda Muzik as well as writing many other songs, including the hook for the song "G.O.D, Pt. III" that appeared on Mobb Deep's 1996 album Hell on Earth. 

Godfather has appeared on many platinum selling projects, including Nas's QB Finest album and sold hundreds of thousands of records both as a part of the group Infamous Mobb and as a solo artist. 

Through his rise up out of the struggle, coming from the largest housing project in America (the infamous Queensbridge housing projects) Godfather, Prodigy, and a few other members transcended the street warfare of the projects to become spiritual scholars awakening to the corruption and spiritual warfare that was really taking place all over the planet and affecting everyone. 

Prodigy and Godfather both became passionate in their quest to unfold these higher truths and finally saw what was ultimately dividing and conquering everyone by: race, class, religion, and politics. 

As a multi-platinum selling artist, Prodigy went on to use his celebrity status and pave the way as one of the first and only cultural leaders to expose the "Illuminati" influence that controls the music industry and much of the world. 

After Prodigy's passing in 2017, Godfather continued to carry the torch forward for both Prodigy and the rest of their people, fulfilling their legacy as the most infamous [spiritual gangsters] to ever come from hip hop culture.